gulab jamun




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gulab jamun

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  Kitchen Type  :  Pakistani
  Spice  :  sweet
  Auther  :  shahid habib
  Post  :  2020-11-18

Short Discription

gulab jamun (also spelled gulaab jamun) is a milk-solid-based sweet from the pakistani subcontinent, popular in pakistan, india, nepal (where it is known as gulab jamun), the maldives (where it is known as gulaabujaanu), and bangladesh (where it is known as golap jam), as well as myanmar.


Ingredients of Dish

1 : dry milk / 200g , 2 : milk / 100ml , 3 : butter / 50g , 4 : sugar / 1cup , 5 : rose water / 1tbs , 6 : baking powder / 1/2tsp , 7 : oil / 1l ,


Method of Dish

1: put a pot on medium heat with 500ml water and add 1cup sugar and rose water. boil the water till 20min and keep aside.
2: now make smooth dough for gulab jamun. take a pan on medium-low heat add 100ml milk and let it warm then add butter and keep on medium-low heat until butter dissolved.
3: put dry milk little by little on the pan and stir spoon to continue.
4: make sure no lumps remain. then add baking powder and stir spoon to continue till nice and smooth dough.
5: let cool this dough and put a large pot on medium-low heat with 1l oil.
6: now time to make nice round balls of dough, each ball makes equally I recommend 20-25g without any cracks.
7: do not leave balls for dry, just make and fry them on medium-low heat .put ball into the oil gently and let them stable for 2-3min . do not touch. later stir with cooking spoon top of the balls slowly and gently .
8: fry the ball till dark brown color and then directly dip inside the sugar syrup. leave inside the syrup at least 2-3hrs.done

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